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As a solopreneur, managing your financials can be a full-time job. At NumbrCrunch, my purpose is to bring you exclusive and valuable services, that will relieve you of the stress build up heading into tax season, as your paperwork will be well prepared and ready to go. The importance of being on top of your expenses in a simple and systemized manner cannot be overstated. Approaching year end, you will be at ease when this critical aspect of your business is in order. Become accustom to financial clarity, as I keep every transaction detail recorded and filed accordingly.

What is the difference between Bookkeeping versus Accounting?

Bookkeeping is the process of recording a company’s day to day financial transactions, and is a key component to building a successful business that is aware of their business positioning. Bookkeeping is comprised of recording financial transactions, producing invoices, completing payroll, posting debits and credits, as well as maintaining and balancing subsidiaries, general ledgers and historical accounts. All sales and purchases that flow in and out of the business must be recorded in the ledger and certain items need their supporting documents. For a complete breakdown of supporting businesses documents, visit the IRS website.

Accounting is a high-level process that uses financial information compiled by a bookkeeper or business owner, and produces financial models using that information. Accounting involves preparing adjusting entries and company financial statements, completing income tax returns, analyzing costs of operations, and assisting the business owner in understanding the influence of financial decisions. In turn, a company will become aware and understanding of the business’s profitability and cash flow.

Can NumbrCrunch do my taxes?

NumbrCrunch doesn’t do tax preparation internally; however, the service will be added in 2021. The choice is yours whether you’d prefer to use your own CPA or if you’d like me to arrange remarkable CPA partners to complete your taxes. Either way, I will ensure that your books are accurately updated throughout the year so they’re well prepared and ready to be passed on to your tax preparer.

How much does NumbrCrunch cost?

At NumbrCrunch, I charge a flat monthly fee that is based on your business needs; however, depending on the services required, the pricing may vary. I offer a complimentary consultation, where we would go over your essentials, your expectations and the payment package that would be in line with your business so our journey flows as seamlessly and transparent as possible. Please refer to my pricing in the above section to see the basic packages offered.

What type of business can outsource their accounting and bookkeeping services?

Businesses are able to outsource their accounting and bookkeeping services. Small to medium size organizations will truly benefit from outsourcing their non-value added activities, leading to considerable reductions in operational costs. At NumbrCrunch, I appreciate that each business is exclusive, so I make certain that I understand your procedures and lead you towards a modernized process that is completely tailor-made to your business desires.

Should you separate your business and personal finances?

It is imperative that you keep your business and personal finances completely independent of one another. Not only does it make it extremely difficult to track the true profitability of your company, but it also becomes even more of a nuisance approaching tax season. As a business owner, you do not want to be penalized with major fines from the IRS due to mixing your business and personal finances. Keeping these two measures separate, will ensure you have a justifiable business model and your peace of mind will be protected.

Why should you hire a bookkeeper?

The majority of business owners are not interested in recording every detailed transaction that flows through their business. Without proper bookkeeping, transactions may go unrecorded, errors could be made, details could be lost or left out and transactions may be left to accumulate right up until the end of the financial period. Hiring a bookkeeper will allow you to solely focus on your passion – your business. Hiring the best bookkeeper for your business, provides vital services that saves you countless hours, stress and critical information that paves the way for major triumphs of your business.

When should you hire a bookkeeper?

It is ideal that you hire a bookkeeper as soon as you start your business. The sooner you step into your power and delegate tasks out to experienced professionals, the sooner you will be able to focus on your passion while generating higher levels of income. It is truly cost-effective to outsource everything except your core business practices. Not only will you save money and earn more, you will lower your stress levels and devote your energy working towards your passion.

Why NumbrCrunch?

NumbrCrunch operates with invaluable consumer service standards, as well as professional, meticulous, and timely results. It is my precedence to attend to my clients with integrity, abundant value and consistency. The touchstones I have cultivated for NumbrCrunch, focus on forever relationships and forever development through my bookkeeping services, financial literacy and personal growth advices.

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