Your Wealth Can Only Grow To The Extent That You Do 

The majority of society will attempt to avoid problems that come their way at all costs. They don’t want to deal with pitfalls, headaches, or responsibilities. Instead of becoming bigger than their problems, they choose to fill their voids with exterior coping mechanisms that are a development of some type of response pattern that becomes habitual and then reaches a point of addiction. In turn, that addiction keeps their awareness completely out of the reality of their lives. They see any challenges that come their way, and choose the path that allows them to run and completely mask the issue instead of facing it head on. 

Understanding that your outer world is truly a reflection of your inner world is reaching a point of awareness that will alter your life completely. Successful individuals recognize that they are so much greater than life’s tribulations. They recognize that problems will occur naturally; however, they operate as solution-oriented human beings and spend their time preparing and strategizing solutions to challenges while creating systems to minimize the chances of them reoccurring. They continue to drive their lives, focused on their goals and the standards they set for their lives. They do not solely focus on issues and allow them to deter them from the path they are meant to be on.

You must learn to master overcoming any obstacles that come your way and know that if your souls purpose is strong enough, absolutely nothing will stop you from achieving significant success. Once you become unstoppable, your opportunities and choices become limitless. Learn to perceive yourself as a vessel for wealth. If your vessel is small, you will not be able to hold on to or grasp personal and/or financial success. In retrospect, if your vessel is large and continues to expand, you make room for abundance and have the ability to hold on to and attract more of everything. You hold the power in your hands. Anything and everything is at arm’s length, but at the end of the day, you must consciously choose it and allow the world to be your oyster. 

Yours Truly,