The Championship Mindset

In October of 2019, I had surprised my mom with a trip and tickets to a Real Estate Wealth Expo in San Mateo, California for her birthday. The speakers included Tony Robbins, James Harris, Gary Vaynerchuck, Sylvester Stallone, Grant Cardone, and Trent Shelton, among many other self-made millionaires. The seminar embodied peak performance training, millionaire mindsets, flipping properties, strategies to increase income, building wealth with stocks and much more. This was the first time I had attended a seminar, so I didn’t really know what to expect; however, after consuming as many books as I did, this was the next step towards enlightenment. What better way to educate both myself and my mom for her born day!

During the two-day expo, one of the speakers known as Trent Shelton, former American football player, had really made an impact on myself and what I had gone through in my past. Everything he said hit a piece of me that I had buried within. I began following his social media accounts, I read his book, and took in more and more of his motivational content. Earlier this year, I had reached out to him asking if he knew of anyone who offered mentorship. He told me about his program known as TIC – Trent Shelton’s Inner Circle, that extended coaching individuals through obstacles and fears in order to break out of old habits and tapping into our full potential. I decided to give it a shot and have gained so much value, not only in healing myself, but in re-building an empowered version.

One of his training sessions was focalized around the topic of championship mindsets. The implementation of the 5 things that Champions do, has allowed me to reach the beginning of my incline and I want it to do the same for you. Champions don’t just go through life’s motions like average people. They commit to living and breathing excellence in everything around them. Excellence is the work you put into your life repeatedly. Begin by asking yourself, how would you live today, if tomorrow wasn’t promised? Adapt the habit of approaching life every day like game 7, through understanding the value of time, having a sense of urgency and being so dedicated to mastering whatever you set your mind too. A champion doesn’t operate on weakness, they don’t run when things get hard or when fear shows up. They step into the ring and face it with all they’ve got.

Below are the 5 things you must possess to win the championships in your life.


Mindset is a fixed mental attitude that predetermines how a person counters situations. When setbacks arise in your life, you are prepared to respond with greatness instead of surrendering, existing like a zombie and playing the victim card like the majority. Do not be the majority. Rather, harmonize the mindset of the 1%. The 1% aim to change 1 million lives, while the 99% aim to make $1 million dollars. The 1% aim for respect, while the 99% aim for fame. The 1% aim for loyalty, while the 99% use others for the benefit of themselves. The 1% aim to inspire, while the 99% aim for the applause. Recognize that life is not what happens to you, it is how you respond to what happens to you.


Commitment is remaining loyal to what you said you were going to do, long after the mood you said it in has left you. Be so committed to taking responsibility and stop using excuses. Would you rather makes excuses or make moves? I don’t know about you, but I consciously and consistently choose the latter. However, you need to figure out your “why”, as it is your anchor that won’t let you give up when inconvenience, opinions that don’t align with your values, and rejection shows up. Start off with something small so that you can affirm to stay committed. Read a book for 30 minutes every morning, eat clean, set yourself up with a workout regimen, listen to an educational podcast on your way to work, practice daily gratitude. In doing so, you will begin the building of your muscle memory.


Discipline is standing up for what you stand for, even if it means standing alone. Learn to detach the facts from your feelings, your purpose over short-term pleasures. Just because something feels good or feels right, doesn’t mean it is good or is right. Ask yourself, what do you really want in your life and let the principles and standards you have set for yourself guide your decisions.


Consistency is anchoring your actions in eminence daily, so you produce nothing less than optimal results. There are those individuals who set goals, their “New Years Resolutions” that die off within the first month of setting them. Then there are individuals who set high standards for themselves. Standards are the prerequisites that you must turn into a lifestyle, the things you live and stand for no matter what. Consistency promotes reliability, and when you become reliable, you become trustworthy. Consistency captivates others, because you bring them high-principled value. Within consistency is a sense of patience. Having patience is truly a talent and having faith means you know growth is taking place even when it is not visible. Adapt the gardener’s mindset by staying focused and trusting the process.


Heart is awarding the vitality to give more, even when everything else says you have nothing left to give. The effort you put into the world is a direct reflection of your character, and nobody else can control that. There is no question that life will throw you a jab here and there, but you get to choose how you counterattack. You can throw an upper cut with greatness or with more excuses. You can throw a left hook, by pushing through it or throw in the towel. Keep in mind that when you are faced with setbacks, they leave room for major comebacks. Before you know it, you’ll get so good at handling adversity, that you’ll end up using Floyd Mayweathers check hook and stop your opponents dead in their tracks, disrupting their rhythm and using your power for another KO.

In essence, how you see life, is how you feel about life. How you feel about life, is what you do with your life. What you do with your life, is what you’ll get from life, because what you focus on, you attract. 

Yours Truly,