The Art Of Opportunism

Humanity has been conditioned to perceive events in their life as either negative or positive. Our minds are the vehicles of interpretation regarding such events, and because of preceding brainwashing, we have instilled layers of fear that are pushed deep within us. It causes our natural tendencies to decipher obstacles that are temporary as something larger than they really are. We live in a world of relative prosperity, but operating in a state of unconsciousness ends up becoming detrimental to the transferral of our spirit. Beings believe that we are deserving of good things and that we are entitled to privileges; however, when setbacks arise, we view them as punishments and question how and why they have happened to us. 

Operating life with such a frame of mind, causes the hindrances to enhance the level of dangers and uncertainties. If someone harms us or if an unfavourable circumstance occurs, our natural tendency is to focus on what was lost. This causes one to become extremely guarded, to withdrawal, hoping to spare ourselves more of these negative situations. However, one does not realize that in doing so, we lose valuable time, become unreasonably emotional, and are unconsciously making the situation worse than it really is. Not only do we end up giving these twists of fate more weight than they deserve and more power to our rivals, but when faced with less difficult moments, we have established a foundation that positions us in a place that make it harder to move to the offensive.

The opportunistic methodology alters our discouraged and despondent mindset to one of a wake-up call. A challenge allows us to transform the undesirable pain into an opportunity for power, causing our energy levels to rise instead of disintegrate. Taking control of our lives by consciously perceiving negative situations into blessings, shifts our focus into a proactive space, rather than reactive. Choosing to seize these chances to prove ourselves and our characters, make it easier to move forward in life. These moments of adversity allow us to measure ourselves. To bring out heightening concentration, energy and initiation. In doing so, will assist the conversion of shit thrown on our path into gold.

Opportunism is a philosophy in which every difficulty and obstacle is in fact fated to occur. When it comes our way and we choose to seize it as a potential tool, it brings us both power and expansion. Channeling our aggressive energy and preparing ourselves with the proper skills, will allow us to take hold of such events, instead of us waiting for them to cross our paths.

Embrace the art of seeing everything around you as an opportunity by these four principles.

1. Make the most of what you have.

2. Turn all obstacles into openings.

3. Look for turning points.

4. Move before you are ready.

When we go against fate and operate with a passive attitude, we fall out of equilibrium with the natural state. The development of a positive mindset and the understanding that all events occur for a reason, is the ultimate alchemy. We hold the power within us to take advantage of our untapped capacity. 

Yours Truly,