Respect the Process of mastery

During the hours of an employees work week, their mind is filled with various tasks needed to be accomplished. However, once their day is complete, they are left alone with “free time” that allows their minds to roam wherever it wants. The majority of individuals consciousness have the propensity to lean towards anxieties about their past and future, which they try to escape at all costs through abstractions. The most prevailing forms include entertainment, social activities, as well as drug and alcohol use. These distraction are exactly that of narcotic like effects – they wear off. Each time this cycle comes to an end, we lust after more, we want the new thing, we desire something stronger, to lift us out of ourselves and divert us from the reality we’ve created. In turn, reliance on unfavourable supplements develop, making it increasingly burdensome to put forth the patience to endure real hard work that is required to master any kind of craft. It also makes it a lot harder to spend time alone and life becomes divided between what is fundamental – time at work, and what is gratifying – distractions and entertainment. Those individuals who are aware of this, end up establishing a different type of alliance to boredom. The type of interconnection that blooms the complete opposite kind of outcome – the type that brings far greater satisfaction than any temporary thrill from outside diversions.

Inaugurate by formalizing a goal you wish to achieve, something you feel you are destined to create. You will then have to educate yourself and evolve the proper skills to get there. This requires a level of will-power and diligence, the ability to withstand repetitive activity, slowness and the anxieties that come with such challenges. Once you begin down this path, two things will happen. First, having a goal will lift your mind out of the moment and assist you in enduring the hard work that comes along with it. Second, as you become better at this task, the sense of pleasure you feel will begin to increase. This is because you see your progressions, you see your connections and you see the potential you hadn’t noticed before. Instead of focusing on what’s lacking, you begin to become engrossed with the results. Unlike the diversion that is developed through escapism of outside sources, mastering and achieving a goal set comes from deep within. The development of lifelong skills and the mental discipline will end up serving you as the foundation of your power. The only way this will truly work, is to make sure there is no division between work and pleasure. Instead it becomes whole, viewed as one because your pleasures comes from the mastery of the process itself, as well as the mental immersion required.

Those individuals who ooze fortitude display a high tolerance for monotonous tasks, which allows them to transcend in their field of work. A large part of this comes from seeing early on in life, that real results come from both toughness and humility. However, most individuals cannot handle the boredom this might entail; they fear starting out on such a process and prefer their distractions, dreams and illusions. Never becoming aware of the higher pleasures and potentials that are there for those who choose to master themselves. Once a certain level of mastery is attained, we see that there are higher levels and challenges. If we are disciplined and patient, we proceed. At each higher level, new pleasures and insights await. As human beings, we can take this as far as we want, in any human activity, there is always a higher level to which we can aspire.

Individuals must understand, that to reach anything worthwhile and of value, requires patience, time, focus and energy. When people are so distracted, their minds are constantly moving from one thing to another, making it extremely difficult to maintain concentration on one thing for a few hours, let alone for months and years. Under this mindset, the mind will short-circuit and will not be able to go all the way to the end of a task. It will want to move on to something that seems more enticing. 

The real secret for power lies within the acceptance of trusting the process, developing patience and the ability to endure drudge work. At first glance, there is definitely nothing appealing about it, but this truth is based on things real and substantial – a wisdom that will never be overturned. The key is the level of your desires. If you truly want power and mastery, then you must absorb this phenomenon deeply and engrave it into your mind, understanding that there are no shortcuts. Begin to distrust anything that comes fast and easy. In the end, what you will be doing is mastering yourself – your impatience, your fear of boredom and empty time, your need for constant fun and amusement.

There are five principal strategies for developing the proper relationship to process.

1. Progress Through Trial & Error

To master any process, you must learn through the experimental approach. You probe with things, you take some hard losses, and you see what works and what doesn’t work for you. You unveil yourself and your work to the public eye. Your failures are embedded in your nervous system; you do not want to repeat them. Your successes are tied to immediate experience and teach you more. You come to respect the process in a deep way because you see and feel the progress you can make through practice and steady efforts. Taken far enough, you gain a feel for what needs to be done because your knowledge is tied to something physical and innate. Having such intuition is the ultimate point of mastery.

2. Master Something Simple

Individuals often have a general feeling of insecurity because we have never really mastered anything in life. Unconsciously, we feel weak and never quite capable of completing a task. Before we even begin, we have a sense that we will fail. However, the best way to overcome this is by attacking the weakness head on and building ourselves a pattern of confidence. This must be done first by taking on something simple. Allowing us to have a taste of the potential power that is closer than we think. When one takes the time to master a simple process and overcome insecurities, we begin the development of life-long skills that can be applied to anything. You see instantly the reward that comes from having patience, practice and discipline. You have the sense that you can tackle almost any problem in the same way; therefore, creating a pattern of confidence that will continue to rise.

3. Internalize the Rules of the Game

When you begin a job or career, there are all kinds of rules that dictate etiquette. Values of good and bad, power networks that must be respected, patterns to be followed for successful action. If you do not patiently observe and learn them well, you will make all kinds of mistakes without knowing why or how. Think of the social and political skills as a art you must master as well as any other. When first starting out, your goal is not to influence people with your intelligence, but to grasp these traditions from the inside. Keep an eye out for mistakes that others have made and for which they have paid the price. In doing so will expose what’s frowned upon within the culture. With a deepening observation of these rules, you can then begin to navigate them for your purpose. 

4. Attune Yourself to the Details

Often when you begin a plan, it is from the wrong end. You tend to think first of what will be accomplished, imagining the money and the fame it will bring if it succeeds. You then advance to make this conceptualization come to life. However, as you move forward, you often lose patience, because the small steps to get there are not nearly as exciting as the earnest perceptions in your head. Instead, you must use the opposite approach, which will bring you much different results. Begin by immersing yourself in the details of the subject. Look at the components you have to work with, the tastes of your target audience, and the latest technical advances. From this insight, you then mold the venture itself, grounding it in reality rather than airy concepts in your mind. Operating this way will help you slow your mind down and develop poise for intricate work, an essential skill for the true mastery and success of any dexterity.

5. Rediscover Your Natural Persistence

To force yourself past any obstacles or temptation, you must live by persistence. You must begin by comprehending the role that your energy level plays in mastering a process and bringing something to culmination. If you take on added goals or new tasks, your focus will be broken up and you will never attain what you wanted in the first place. You cannot persist on two or three paths, so avoid that temptation. Next, break things up into smaller blocks of time. You have a large goal, but there are steps along the way and steps within each step. These steps represent months instead of years and reaching these smaller goals will give you a sense of tangible rewards and measurement of breakthroughs. This will facilitate in the hindrance of any diversions along the way and allow you to fearlessly move onwards and upwards. Anything will give way to a sustained, persistent attack on your behalf.

“The fools in life want things fast and easy – money, success, attention. Boredom and fear are their great enemy. Whatever they manage to get slips through their hands as fast as it comes in. You, on the other hand, want to outlast your rivals. You are building the foundation for something that can continue to expand. To make this happen, you will have to serve an apprenticeship. You must learn early on to endure the hours of practice and drudgery, knowing that in the end of all that time will translate into a higher pleasure – mastery of a craft and of yourself. Your goal is to reach the ultimate skill level – an intuitive feel for what must come next.” – Robert Greene 

Yours Truly,