If There’s One Thing You Should Bet On, It Should Be Yourself

Up until this point of your very existence, your identity has been molded by outside factors – the opinions and judgments of all those people who have crossed your path from when you were born. You have given unwarranted weight that has now become internalized through what others have said about you, and how they acted towards and around you. As a child, you had no real power to repel this journey; however, as an adult, you have the capacity to go against the grain and reclaim your true self. Putting a halt on deriving your sense of identity and worth is a risk you must undergo. You must instead propel past the bounds set on you by others, and take unconventional action to what others believe, because it feels right for YOU. Even if you fail, you are failing forward and beginning the road toward self-discovery, rather than being obedient to what is known to be safe, confined and comfortable.

The first step in facing yourself and your true potential is by cutting ties with the majority of opinions from others. Begin by unravelling and breaking free from the lifelong habit of always referring to others when gauging your value. Rather, educate yourself in the art of drowning out and filtering others opinions that translate into doubts in your mind. Solely focus on the potential and growth you have for new and different behaviours. It takes awareness and conscious decision making to alter your personality, thoughts and values. With that being said, through a position of inner strength, you should measure and ask for wisdom from mentors or others you aspire to be like, in how they perceive the quality of your work. Do not become dependent on their judgements for your sense of worth, instead use their opinions to help shape the work you produce.

Willpower presents a role in the actions we take and the decisions we make. When you raise your vibration, you raise your opinion of yourself and what you are capable of, as it has a decided influence of what you do. For instance, the sense of comfortability that comes from the risks you take, because you know you will always be able to bounce back, even if it fails. Risk-taking will enable your energy levels to rise as you will only have two options – to meet the challenge head on, or flounder. In doing so, you will be astounded by the strength you have to recognize your untapped reservoirs of potential waiting to be unleashed. In addition, the lively force behind all extraordinary things accomplished is ambition. If you want to reach pinnacles of success, you must raise your levels of ambition and maneuver yourself around the blocks meant to deter you on your path.

We live in a world where people always have something to say to attack you and throw you off course. They will try to inject doubts towards your abilities, your potential and your self-worth. They try to keep you down only because they view you as a threat and see your potential, more than you do yourself. However, through every encounter in your life, you have the ability to challenge and deny people of the power they think they hold over you. Remind yourself of your sense of purpose, of your “why”, of the destiny you are fulfilling. Once you place yourself in such high regard and remember who the fuck you are, nothing and nobody can touch you. Use their judgements and manipulations as the fuel to get you to where you want to go.

In today’s society, freedom is believed to be the ability to satisfy certain needs and desires. Individuals feel a sense of freedom if they gain the type of employment they longed for, if they are able to purchase the things they want, if they can engage in certain behaviours and activities without being scolded. This concept however is essentially passive. There is another concept of freedom, one of which is not granted as a privilege or a right. It is an active state of mind that we must work to attain and hold on to, with a lot more effort. This type of freedom comes from exercising free will by ignoring any pressures to conform and stepping beyond our usual routines. In declaring our will and individuality, we are able to move on our own.

1. Challenge the Norm

You are an individual with a plethora of ideas, skills and experiences that separates you from the rest. If you do not believe in yourself and what you have to offer the world, you will continuously be thrown into common categories that make you predictable and easier to manage. Surrendering to this societal norm may boost your sense of social acceptance, but you will without a doubt, lose the unconventional parts of your character that are the source of your power and uniqueness. You MUST resist being confined by others at all costs. Once you truly recognize your uniqueness, not only will you attract the kind of respect you would never get from following the herd, but you will gain a true sense of freedom and power by bringing forth what you were truly meant to cultivate and share with the world.

2. Welcome the Reinvention of Yourself

People will judge you based on your appearance, the image you project through your words, actions and decisions. Define yourself and take control of your internal and external projections, so that the opinions others have towards you, are more often than not, to your detriment. There are many benefits of staying consistent; however, each day is a new day and brings changes within you. You have the freedom to choose your image that fits your needs and moods at that specific moment and you shouldn’t be afraid to express yourself as it keeps others off balance and maintains a sense of mystery with your presence. You want to maintain a level of confidence and professionalism, not predictability and weakness.

3. Poison Certain Patterns

Not all, but many individuals set routines in their lives, which I believe to be beneficial if handled properly. However, such patterns of constantly seeing the same people and doing the same things can also be a hindrance on your growth, if those individuals do not vibrate at your level or higher. The solution is then to break free of this by indulging in something you wouldn’t normally do in your day-to-day life. In doing so, we place ourselves in exotic zones, allowing our minds to explore freely and challenge our minds instead of keeping them stagnant. It is imperative to rebel against certain patterns when feeling blocked and uncreative.

4. Live Your Life With Intention

The higher your self-belief, the more power you have to transform your reality. Raising your confidence puts yourself in a position of fearlessness and tenacity, allowing you to overcome adversity that stop most people on their tracks. The highest form of self-belief is to feel a sense of purpose propel you forward. You have your own set of skills and experiences that make you exclusive. They were meant to push you towards a life task that you were put on this earth to accomplish. When you are in flow with what is truly meant for you, almost everything in your life goes effortlessly and naturally. Your sense of purpose becomes your guide and does not chain you to one way of doing things. It does the opposite, because your willpower is so strong, it pushes you past any limitations.

5. Bet on You

It is easier to justify your conservative status-quo and doubts when things don’t go as planned; however, this mentality is alarming because it signifies a lack of determination in yourself. Understanding that the greatest achievements and successes of individuals stem from the adversity they face, whom instead sit and wallow in their pity, take matters into their own hands and bet on themselves. This is due to a preeminent obligation for creative thinking and profound situations that break with past conditioning. These moments should be viewed as seeds planted for immense opportunities. While the majority conform and retreat, YOU take risks, YOU try new things and YOU look at all the good that will come in the future, out of whatever present crisis may be. If there is anything you should bet on in your life, it should be yourself. You must head straight towards the direction that others so greatly fear. When you consciously choose to move ahead, towards the unknown, your mind will be forced to rise to the occasion and your energy levels will be focused and at an all time high. This is truly when great things begin to come to the surface.

Individuals who have grasped a resolute sense of their own self-worth and importance, whom feel so secure in themselves, have the capacity to look at the world with greater impartiality. They are able to go through life with such thoughtfulness and consideration because they can get outside of themselves. Your true sense of who you are will determine your actions and what you end up getting in life. If you believe you’ve reached your limit, that you are helpless when facing adversity, that it is best to keep your ambitions low, then you will receive exactly that. Knowing this to be true, you must do whatever it takes in doing the polar opposite. Be grateful for the little things, aim for the stars and trust fully that you are destined for greatness. Nobody but yourself determines your worth, and once you understand that, your confidence and success will flourish. 

Yours Truly,