Focus On Opportunities Not Obstacles


Up until this very moment of your existence, your life has been a direct reflection of what you have attracted into it. The lack of confidence in yourself and your abilities have brought upon a series of unfortunate events, losses and the unwillingness to be a risk-taker. It is true that where there is no risk, there is no reward. You have been operating your life and making decisions based on fear and ego, constantly seeking external validation, which only creates a larger void needed to be filled. Fear is the creation of a known result from a situation that hasn’t even been experienced yet. In turn, you are instilling defeat into your subconscious before the attempt. Your mind is truly the driver of your life. You must act on making your intelligence stronger than your emotions. Once you step into your power, you begin to set those expectations, demand what you deserve, and operate at a higher vibration. 

If you want to become wealthy, you must focus on what it is that you want exactly. Create momentum in your life with your time and energy, focusing solely on your goals and not letting distractions get in the way. Be prepared to face obstacles that will arise by dealing with them head on and then instantly refocusing back to your vision. It is imperative that you find ways to build multiple streams of income and invest your earnings wisely. In turn, you are setting yourself up to have your money work for you. Money is energy and if you’re spending it on things you want and not things you need, your chances of becoming rich are slim to none.

Your perspective on life is everything. You must make your perspective your power and not your prison. Rich people understand that you have to take risks to reap major rewards, you have to plant the seeds to begin to see the fruits of your labour. The rich recognize that the foundation of strength comes from the pain that they grow through. Stepping out of your comfort zone is when you begin to see changes take place and you operate from your souls purpose. Wealthy individuals have learned to let go of fear, because they understand that an abundance of opportunities await on the opposite end, whether it be success or simply a learning lesson.

Take a step back and ask yourself, have you been looking at life through a glass half full or half empty mindset?

Make the conscious decision today to focus on life’s opportunities and not the obstacles meant to deter you from your path. I promise you, once you shift your paradigm, you will become a magnet to a world of opportunities and abundance. 

Yours Truly,