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it’s more than just numbers, it’s a lifestyle

Focus on your passion, while I dominate your finances and
dynamize your growth. You can’t put a price tag on peace of mind.

01. Strategic

A solid collaboration of a skilled bookkeeper can offer intricate tax planning strategies and big picture advice that are invaluable to your business.

02. Professional

There is no one size fits all when it comes to bookkeeping for individual businesses. Investments made to ensure financial matters are handled properly and professionally is the best investment a company can make in its long-term success.

03. Loyal

Trustworthy, talented and loyal. As a business owner, if you truly want your operation to skyrocket to success, you’ll need loyal employees and a great bookkeeper.

The NC Lifestyle

At NumbrCrunch, I have cultivated your go-to, modern day, virtual bookkeeping services for small businesses, creating custom workflows for each client. Bookkeeping is truly the variance between a business’s bankruptcy and success. You will not know how your business is doing until you document it. Save yourself the inconvenience, thousands of dollars in interest and late filing penalties and let me help you take charge of your business. The key is not in spending time, but investing it. Gone are the days of chaos. Say hello to peace of mind.

Vision, Mission, & Purpose

Focus on your passion. Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend. The time you spend trying to monopolize your financials, takes away the time you could be investing in your purpose and multiplying your revenue.

Relentless Without the Repercussions. Modern day accounting intelligence is a rarity; however, at NumbrCrunch, back office services is what I do best. Consistently developing a resilient state of mind allows me to strive, achieve and thrive with and for my clients. Say goodbye to endlessly searching for old-school accountants whom are expensive to hire and retain, and stuck in their primitive conditioning.

Financial Clarity. I have a deep desire to produce precise, consistent and professional records. Qualitative financials provide the road map for great business decisions and soaring success.

Embrace a Growth Lifestyle. It all begins with you. Understanding that the only way to improve the quality of your life is by improving yourself. If you want to grow your organization, you must grow a leader. If you want to reach unimaginable success, you must live a life of growth. When you make this conscious decision, the universe begins to conspire with you, not against you. Let’s level you up, so you can begin unleashing your highest potential.

Protect Your Peace. In order to get ahead, there must be things you’re willing to leave behind. You can’t put a price tag on your peace of mind. Every business’s fears seeing their dreams come crashing down. With my transparency and dedication to excellence, you won’t have to question where your business is headed. Remember, old beliefs won’t bring upon new blessings.


As a very busy person, I'm someone who is constantly changing schedules to meet the demands of my clients which always puts pressure on those around me. I knew I needed someone who would be on top of their game and able to meet the unreasonable requests I often make. Soraya is just that. She's tenacious, diligent and follows up very well when completing important business. I would highly recommend Soraya for any accounting related project you may have. You won't be disappointed!


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Qualitative financials provide the road map for great business decisions and soaring success.